Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Break 20 10

I say SPRING you say BREAK





I think spring break is one of my favorite breaks during the year, because it is finally getting warm outside after a long winter, and we haven’t had a long break since Christmas. This year for the break we had some friends come in town from Atlanta. They are the nicest family, and I am so glad that they are staying in our neighborhood. In fact, they are so close if I whisper they can hear us.

In my last post I mentioned applying for two jobs, and it turns out that I got them. That’s right I got them both. It turns out they are owned by the same woman, and I got the job in the T-shirt store, but I am going to switch off in between the T-shirt store, and the beach and surf store. One of my best friends also got the job with me, so I am very excited. And everyone is just so nice! I got very lucky.

Golf tryouts are not this coming Tuesday, but the next. I found out that only 6 of the 13 girls trying out will make the team. I guess it will be nice for those who make the team, because they will get extra attention, but for those who haven’t been practicing *cough me cough. * I guess I am just going to have to practice over spring break J.

I stil haven’t found a camera, so, once again, if you have ANY suggestions let me know. I was thinking about getting the Canon Rebel XSi, but just randomly (after we visted Best Buy, and looked online for cameras) my mom remembered that she still had some lenses from a Nikon camera, so I think that I am going to have to look at Nikons!

Currently I am reading "Age Is Just A Number" by Dara Torres, and it is an AWESOME book! Definitely try it out if you are looking for some inspiring non-fiction!!

Happy Easter/ Passover ya’ll!

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