Saturday, October 30, 2010

Stuff My Coach Says

My parents try to convince me that the only reason that my coach is yelling at me is because she cares about my stoke or kick. While I believe this is somewhat true, I also have to disagree. When Coach is yelling at me I always think in the back of my head, “I’d like to see YOUR stroke”. I know this might seem a little bit cocky, but this is what she said to me the other day while swimming a 1000 breaststroke kick…

“CHLOE!! Do you see everyone else’s faces? They are bright red! Yours isn’t! This is called sprint kick, not lala kick”.

When I told my dad what she said, he just laughed and said that he was glad that he was not longer the one that had to yell at me. I just laughed.

While doing the 1000 kick, I got the worst chafes under my arms, and I told my coach, and she just told me that it was because I was “resting” on my board. I just smiled at her and said ok.

Seems like this blog is turning into Stuff My Coach Says.

Thanks for reading!!

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

I have the slowest tempo in the history of swimming

The other day I made back to swim practice, and I have been going at least four times a week. Practices only are and hour and a half, and we have a thirty-minute dry land before practice starts. These dry lands are getting the best of me, because the only dry land things that I can do are…. the handstand, jump ropes, and jumping jacks. Everything else works on my core, and I literally fall over every time I am doing the exercise.

As most of you know, I am a long distance swimmer. As most of you need to know, I have the slowest tempo in the history of swimming. And my coach lets me, and my teammates know this fact. Every. Single. Day. I am not kidding. Sometimes Coach is nice about it and just says something when most of the other swimmers are already off the wall like,

Good tempo Chloe, but I know that isn’t your fastest.

And other times, when I don’t get so lucky she announces it loud and clear in front of the ENTIRE pre-senior group, like this,

CHLOE!! What do you think you are doing?? This is a sprint set, not a warm down!!

And other times when the whole team is sitting on the wall after a long workout Coach Dana says something like this,

CHLOE!! Do you see everyone else? They are breathing hard! Are you? I don’t think so? When you push hard, you breathe hard.

When she says the last thing I mentioned, I get so mad! I don’t know why, but this one bothers me the best. I think it is because she isn’t focusing on my stroke technique, but just looking at my breathing patterns. But who knows?

School is going well, I just got a 90 on my math test, and I was so happy! I have an 89.45 in the class, and this will bring my grade up to an A, finally. The school I am in now is so much more challenging than my last school, but I have all As and Bs. My lowest grade is in Biology, and I am working so hard to bring it up!

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a good week! Thanks for reading
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Back And Ready To Swim

I have some sad news..

I can no longer walk out my door and enjoy and open water swim. I just moved to Kentucky.

Anyway, I am very excited to be living here, because the swim team here is amazing! Also, my school has a swim team, and my goal for this year is to win the MVP award. I know I am aiming high for a freshman, but I think if i try hard enough I can do it.

I just started back swimming, and the night after my first night back my english teacher told us to write about an embarrassing thing that happened to us. I decided to write about my first day back to swimming up here in Kentucky. Here is the story if you are interested.....

I hopped into the third lane at the St. Xavier pool thinking that I was going to accomplish something amazing on my first day back to swimming in a little less than a year. I was going to show the other swimmers that were in shape how fast us “Florida Girls” really are. I jumped in, and I was ready to swim my first warm up – 300 meters freestyle – as fast as I could, and I was going to keep the pace for the rest of practice. As I finished the warm up I was a little out of breath, but I covered it up by floating with my face in the water so no one could tell that I “actually tried” only after the first set. Next, were seven 100s, odds were freestyle, evens IM. I knew I wasn’t going to make it very far let alone fast with this, but I was determined to not let anyone know. When I got to the third 100 my arms started getting shaky, I had the worst foot cramps, and I knew that my dinner would be floating in front of me in any second. As I looked at the clock to see that I was 30 seconds behind what I should have been, the coach screamed my name, as if I was a dreaded disease and said, “Chloe how out of shape do you feel?”

I responded with out even digesting the question, “Badly”, I said.

My answer didn’t even make since. How embarrassing! As I was still overcoming all the embarrassment that I had already caused myself, the coach told me to move down a lane. Moving down a lane is the biggest insult to any swimmer. It is almost as embarrassing as wetting the bed, when having a sleepover with all of your friends. I knew right then that I didn’t belong in the “fast people lane”. I had caused myself pure embarrassment during the first practice, and I am still debating whether or not I want to go today. I tell my mom that I don’t feel well, and I have homework in every class. I tell her everything that could possibly be wrong with me so I don’t have to cause my self anymore pain, mentally and physically. It shouldn’t be like this, but unfortunately it is. Embarrassment happens to everyone, and we all get over it sooner or later. As for now, I am going to flip a coin to see if I will be attending swim practice this afternoon.

Thanks for reading!!

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Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hi guys! I just recently got an e-mail from Sara Landolt, who is from She writes encouragements from triathletes on her blog, and she is also working on a non-fiction book. Ms. Sara was nice enough to ask me if she could ask me (haha double ask me) a few questions. I of course said yes, and I thought that this would be a cool way to get back into blogging. So here we go. I will try not to be to boring!

Here are some questions just for me..

Question #1

Have most/many of your friends heard of triathlon? What do they think? Would they try it or have they? Even a relay to start? If not, what do you think is holding people back?

I think most of my friends have heard of triathlons, mostly because down here on the panhandle we have a TON of races, from the IronMan Florida to the Crab Trap race. I think most of them think I am crazy for doing these races, but I also think most of them are willing to try one. Off the top of my head I can think of two friends that did a tri. They really enjoyed it, but I think that the swim freaks them out. I also think that the swim holds most people back. Also, I think the thought of training for the different race at one time scares some of my friends away.

Question #2

As a teen triathlete, what's the greatest need you see in triathlon-related youth/teen resources? What would you like to know more about etc? The youth/teen tri market is a huge area of growth right now!

As a teen triathletes the greatest need I see in triathlon-related kids resources would have to be that there is not enough advertising. I mean seriously, have you ever seen a kids’ ad in a triathlon magazine? I think not. I think some kids think that these races are just for adults, which really disappoints me especially with the obesity problem. I think that more races should be made for just teens or for just kids that are more than just one or two laps in the pool, 2-mile bike, and .5 mile run. There really aren’t enough. Last year I did the NYC Tri, and I was in a 24-an under age group. As a 13 year-old. What is the possibility of me placing in something like that? I would like to know more about what I should eat before and during races, besides reading a 200 page book about Triathlons for Idiots.. ;)

Question #3

Do you think you'll keep doing triathlons post High School, College, in the future?

If so, why?

For sure, I definitely don’t think that I will stop doing triathlons. If you love something, then why stop?

Question #4

Do you know any teen celebrities that do triathlons?

Ha if anyone does puh-lease let me know, but I think all those Hollywood people are afraid to break a nail, or break a sweat.

Normal Questions.

Question #5

How has training impacted your life?

Training has helped keep me in shape, as well as in shape for other sports. Like training fro cross-country helped keep me in shape for swimming. It also gets my endorphins going so that I am in a better mood, and more focused.

Question #6

How do your friends or family members support you during training and on race day.

My parents actually train with me, so there is no backing down; they also do the races with me. It usually turns out to be a competition. Competitive family, right?

Question #7

Describe as openly as possible a low moment in training or racing and then please describe one of the high/best moments in training or racing.

My lowest moment in racing would definitely have to be the first race that I didn’t finish. It was IronGirl race, and I was so excited to be a part of it. There were actually other girls in my age group which was a big plus. I think I ate something bad the day before the race, and my stomach was a big mess. I had to stop on mile 18 of the bike, and I tried to call my dad (but being him, didn’t answer) a van came to pick me up, and brought me back to the hotel room to recover. I unfortunately had to drop out of the race.

The best moments of racing would have to be when I did the NYC triathlon. I was the youngest person to ever complete the race. The whole time I was thinking I HAD to finish or else any other person under a certain age wouldn’t be allowed to enter the race. So the whole time I kept saying I have to finish I have to finish. So when I did finish I felt so good!

Question #8

Please share your top 3 tips for a triathlete in training.

Please describe something technical (a skill or workout etc) that confused you when you were new to triathlon.

OK, my number one tip is to wake up an hour or so before the race that morning and go to the bathroom (you know what I mean ;) ). There is nothing worse than standing in line for the porta-potties when you are already nervouse, and also need to set up your transition area. If it helps you, then eat an apple at lunch time the day before the race!

I guess I am just doing helpful hints for the race day, I hope that works for the question!

Number two would have to be that you have trained in what you are going to wear on race day. Getting chafed is absolutely the worst thing! Make sure is doesn’t happen to you!

Number three, make sure your brakes are not on before you start biking! One of my mom’s friends just couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t going the speed she normally was going. Later that day she found you that her brakes were pressing down on her tire the whole entire race… she was doing an IronMan too!!

Question #9

Define the word athlete. Are you one? Describe your strengths as an athlete.

Athlete- somebody who loves the sport they are doing, and does it often.

I would have to say that most of the time I am , but I can’t say that I do triathlons often. I usually take a break somewhere in the year..

My strengths as an athlete would have to be that I only do I sport if I love it, if I don’t then I don’t do it.. which helps me to be an athlete.

Question #10

How do you preserve and document your training and race-day experience?

Ex: Good luck cards? Race day signs? Group t-shirts? Do you write a race report, write a blog post, facebook update, or create a scrapbook page? What tips make your post-race report/documentation most useful or meaningful?

I keep evey single one of the trophies that I get, and also the necklaces with the medal on them. I also like to get pictures that mean a lot to me. I also keep all the race shirts that I get, and write a blog post!

Question #11

Training and race photos: Describe your satisfaction with professional race-day photos and family/friend photos from training or race-day events. What’s the photo you wish you had from training or racing? What tips do you have to improve your training/racing photo memories?

I once got a picture of me surrounded by huge buff men coming out of the water, and that is my favorite picture that I have ever gotten! I really don’t like having pictures with just me in them, I think what makes a race is having all the support from the other racers, so I do like to see them in my pictures. When I got out of Lake Ponchentrain (spelling?) in New Orleans, I had green gunk all over my face. My mom and I were doing a realy, and she refused to kiss my good luck because my face was too gross. I wsh I had a picture of her face and my face J.

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading. I hope I didn’t bore you guys to death ;)

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Break 20 10

I say SPRING you say BREAK





I think spring break is one of my favorite breaks during the year, because it is finally getting warm outside after a long winter, and we haven’t had a long break since Christmas. This year for the break we had some friends come in town from Atlanta. They are the nicest family, and I am so glad that they are staying in our neighborhood. In fact, they are so close if I whisper they can hear us.

In my last post I mentioned applying for two jobs, and it turns out that I got them. That’s right I got them both. It turns out they are owned by the same woman, and I got the job in the T-shirt store, but I am going to switch off in between the T-shirt store, and the beach and surf store. One of my best friends also got the job with me, so I am very excited. And everyone is just so nice! I got very lucky.

Golf tryouts are not this coming Tuesday, but the next. I found out that only 6 of the 13 girls trying out will make the team. I guess it will be nice for those who make the team, because they will get extra attention, but for those who haven’t been practicing *cough me cough. * I guess I am just going to have to practice over spring break J.

I stil haven’t found a camera, so, once again, if you have ANY suggestions let me know. I was thinking about getting the Canon Rebel XSi, but just randomly (after we visted Best Buy, and looked online for cameras) my mom remembered that she still had some lenses from a Nikon camera, so I think that I am going to have to look at Nikons!

Currently I am reading "Age Is Just A Number" by Dara Torres, and it is an AWESOME book! Definitely try it out if you are looking for some inspiring non-fiction!!

Happy Easter/ Passover ya’ll!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm Still Here.

Hello! I have once again been out of the blogging world for a long, long time! My triathlon life has been put to a pause in my life recently, because my mom put down a “no race rule” for a while. I have also stopped swimming on the swim team for one to two months, so that I can focus on tennis and golf. I have also been saving up for a SLR camera, and if you have any suggestions for one for me please let me know! I am also trying to get a job in one of the stores down the street from me, and I applied for two over the weekend, so I hope the economy doesn’t take a toll on me ;) . As most of you know, I am in the 8th grade. That means that next year I will be starting high school. There are two high schools that I am thinking about, and one of them has a collegiate program, which I applied for and got in, so I most likely will end up going there.

I am now playing tennis on my school’s team. When I first started the coaches ranked me number one. I was so so so excited that they placed me as number one, because hadn’t had any practice since last year. I am now ranked as number three, because you can challenge the person ahead of you, and if you beat them in a match, then you get to switch places with them. Unfortunately it happened twice to me. Hopefully next time I will come back. Golf season will be starting soon, and I can’t wait! Golf is super fun, because most of my friends play on the team, and also before practice we sit in the club and get a snack. Sitting around eating an after school snack probably doesn’t sound like the highlight of practice, but you have to remember that we are teenagers J.

Lately I have been babysitting, and all the money that I make while babysitting goes toward my camera fund. I love taking pictures of everything. I definitely want a “serious camera” aka an SLR, but I am having the hardest time picking one out!! If you have any suggestions at all please please let me know what you think would be a good one! I love the colors in pictures, but I also want an easy to use camera!

Hopefully a new post won’t be such a rare thing anymore!

Thanks for reading!

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