Thursday, October 21, 2010

I have the slowest tempo in the history of swimming

The other day I made back to swim practice, and I have been going at least four times a week. Practices only are and hour and a half, and we have a thirty-minute dry land before practice starts. These dry lands are getting the best of me, because the only dry land things that I can do are…. the handstand, jump ropes, and jumping jacks. Everything else works on my core, and I literally fall over every time I am doing the exercise.

As most of you know, I am a long distance swimmer. As most of you need to know, I have the slowest tempo in the history of swimming. And my coach lets me, and my teammates know this fact. Every. Single. Day. I am not kidding. Sometimes Coach is nice about it and just says something when most of the other swimmers are already off the wall like,

Good tempo Chloe, but I know that isn’t your fastest.

And other times, when I don’t get so lucky she announces it loud and clear in front of the ENTIRE pre-senior group, like this,

CHLOE!! What do you think you are doing?? This is a sprint set, not a warm down!!

And other times when the whole team is sitting on the wall after a long workout Coach Dana says something like this,

CHLOE!! Do you see everyone else? They are breathing hard! Are you? I don’t think so? When you push hard, you breathe hard.

When she says the last thing I mentioned, I get so mad! I don’t know why, but this one bothers me the best. I think it is because she isn’t focusing on my stroke technique, but just looking at my breathing patterns. But who knows?

School is going well, I just got a 90 on my math test, and I was so happy! I have an 89.45 in the class, and this will bring my grade up to an A, finally. The school I am in now is so much more challenging than my last school, but I have all As and Bs. My lowest grade is in Biology, and I am working so hard to bring it up!

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a good week! Thanks for reading
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  1. And to think, I pay a lot of money for my masters coach to yell at me.

    Maybe you should consider NOT buying her that expensive Christmas gift this year.

  2. Hi there!...

    I read your blog post...and somewhat I can really relate to what you are experiencing...Just keep going..