Saturday, April 25, 2009

Back from Break

I have now officially gotten back into the groove of school… and swimming!  But as you can tell from my pictures... I’m still thinking about spring break from last week.

Me on a YOLO - fun!!

littlebro on a YOLO! I'm way better than him.

 me and littlebro in the air.  yes, this is really us!

At least this week at school was full of fun school excitement. I got a bad grade on my test, I had a golf practice, a tennis practice, swim practice, and this weekend a swim meet!

Well, about the bad grade…I am in 8th grade math, and I am in 7th grade. Anyway, I was out of town for the 70.3 NOLA Half Iron Man, and in math it is hard when you get behind in math, and of course I did! So I am not going to tell you what I got on my test, but I will tell you that we had to make a poster or a PowerPoint , and I chose a poster, and my little project was on forest fires in the Amazon Rainforest (this was in math for Earth Day), and I made a 100 on it… WOO HOOO!!

 On to golf practice!

 Everyone knows that when you play golf you have to be quiet right!? Well, I won’t mention names, but there are a few people who are on the golf team who like to talk…loudly! Even though I like to talk I don’t get in trouble during golf! So one of the girls was there early, and she was doing her homework outside, and she sat down, and being In Florida there are lots of frogs, sat on a frog! She screamed soooooooo loud, and on the golf course too!!!!

 Ok about tennis, I am #1 girl on the team, and we have two coaches. So for the last practice the coaches picked teams, and we had a little competition. I had to play against the best guy on the team, let me tell you, that kid is so so so good it is scary! Well we played a pro match. Meaning you go to 8 games instead of 6! I was very proud of my self, because I only lost 6-8!

 And the swim meet! I am in the middle of it so I will post more tomorrow. 

 Thanks for stopping by!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

This weekend I had a little shock. As you al know I have recently taken up golf! It is awesome, and I have been to the closest course 3 times during this spring break.
So, the story:  when I am in our car, I usually look out the window! Well, we were driving down the road to play golf, and on hole 3 there is a lake, and I thought it was man made. Well. ( I didn’t see tiger or the shark… but pretty close!) I saw a huge alligator. So I said, “Mama I think there is an alligator!” but the course was about to close so we had to go straight to the driving range.  She didn't believe me, anyway.  So on the way back I was looking out my window again, and saw it again! So I told my mom to pull over, so she did, and it WAS an alligator. We turned the car around, and went back to the driving range. So my little brother and I went inside, and told the pros about the gator. We asked them if they knew about it (they did). All they asked was if it was on the green (it wasn’t), so they went back to watching the masters! Only in Florida would it not matter if there was an alligator on the golf course! If that happened in New York, there would be a huge commotion over it, the radio, the news, magazines, and so much more!

Well I went to play golf with a friend yesterday, and we were a’ driving, and I was looking out my window again, and then I saw TWO of the yep, you read that right TWO!! They were huge! One of them was at least 10 feet long! It was pretty awesome -- but only because they were on the OTHER side of the lake ;-))
Ok now for triathlon updates… yesterday I went to morning swim practice, and it was awesome! Then after swim practice we changed the lane lines to short course, so the water polo people could play, and, no, they didn’t help! It makes me so mad that we have to change the lane lines for the water polo-ers, and they don’t even help! Ok enough ranting and raving! So after that littlebro and I went for a little bike ride around the place that we swim.  There is a little loop so I went around that 3 times (it sounds far, but it is only like 1.45 miles J). Then after that "big" Chloe and I ran about 1.5 miles! Kind of like a mini triathlon…set up perfectly for me! 5,000 yard swim, 1.45-mile bike, and a 1.5 mile run…ahhh perfect!

Today, I ran 30 minutes, with a lot of stops with Mama and littlebro.  Not as much fun!  Thank goodness it's back to school tomorrow.  Sitting all day long.  Joy

Friday, April 17, 2009


Yesterday was AWESOME!! We finally went parasailing!! We got to the same tiki hut as we did 2  days ago, and this time we waited to leave AFTER we parasailed!


So we got there, and we stood by a tiki hut for about 2 minutes. Then this guy came up, and he was really really tan, and when I say really really tan I mean, REALLY REALLY tan!! We paid for our deluxe package (meaning three dips into the ocean), and then we walked over to this thing called a banana boat! We got our life jackets, and then got onto the boat! Reis ( my brother) sat facing the ocean, and I sat I was riding a bull… I think the banana boat ride was scarier than the actual parasailing!


Ok so the banana boat took us out like 500 yards, and then we hopped on a little boat (a real one) and these two (rude) men gave us harasses, and Reis and I put them on. Then one of the men said come over here so we did as we were told, and then he said sit down, so we did, and then PHOOOSH we were up in the air, and the only instructions he gave us were to not touch the silver thing!


Ok, if you ever get the chance to parasail… DO IT!! I thought it would be scary, but it was actually very peaceful! The only scary part was when we were getting dipped, because we were afraid of the cold!! Reis tried to spit on the jet-skiers underneath us! Of course a boy would do that… but I am guilty of tring it… once only though!


Ok I have to go volunteer now!


My question that no-one in my family knows… if you know let me know!



Q- Why is the letter “W” called double-u if if looks more like VV than UU?!

A- Unknown!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ahh..Spring Break! I love this break, you don’t have to wake up early to go to school, and you have no homework!! I just love that sentence. NO HOMEWORK!! But unfortunately my math teacher doesn’t like that sentence too much! Hahaha sorry Mrs. Martin you aren’t that bad!!


Anyway yesterday my parents had a surprise yesterday planned for my brother and me! And the best part was when we were got to the secret destination it was STILL a surprise!! So we were in a parking lot in front of the beach, an my mom said what are you waiting for! So my brother and I hopped out of the car hoping for something good! So we got down to the beach, and we didn’t see anything. Then my mom said stay right here I don’t want to blow the surprise. So of course the first thing that my brother does is run over to the little tiki hut to find out what he CAN find out!  No one was in the tiki hut so we left, with out a surprise except that we don’t get our surprise today L! The ocean was really rough! It as we were driving down the beach the only flags that we saw were the double red flags L!  Too rough for what ever we were doing, so we hopped back int o the car, and my brother was dying to know what we were going to do so my mom asked my if I wanted to know, ad I said no! so then like 5 minutes later my brother asked again, and I still didn’t want to know, but my mom being the un-secret keeper that she is, of course had to tell us! I am kind of glad that she told us though.. are you ready to know…. PARASAILING!! I am sooooo excited!!



 If you don’t know what parasailing is it is that little (big) thing where there is a boat in front of you, and you are attached to a harness, and it lifts you up into the sky like you are flying, and then it pulls you down like waist deep into the water, then I pulls you back up again!! Totally awesome!

that isn't me!?! :)  




After the surprise thing we went to go get lunch! MMMMM is was so so so yummy, I got Chicken Parmesan!! So yummy!


Then after that we went to the shopping place, and we went to this place called Lazer Craze. It is like the part in Get Smart when they had to dodge all of the lasers! I won out of my family with an amazing score of 165. Something!! Awesome time!! After that we went into Target to return some things, and then we went to pay taxes, but I fell asleep, boring ride, boring destination!!



Then I went to swim practice! It was pretty hard, because there was a storm Monday, so we had to skip practice, so coach added like 1,000 yards to the practice! We ended up doing this set where you do 500 yards at 85%, then a 50 yard rest, the another 500 yards at 90% then a 100 rest, and last but not least 500 yards at 95% then a 200 rest. That was towards the end of practice so we did stuff before it too, and then after that we did 24 25 yards SPRINT!! Oh well I felt good after practice, and that’s all that matters… right J!!!I  kind of ran into the lane line a couple of time, but that’s fine it happens to everyone…. I think!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Favorite New Orleans Photos

My 1st 70.3 swim exit:  1.2 miles of murky slime.  Yum!
Add ImageAdd Image

Our training group (part of them!) at the finish
Lisa, Chloe (thx for the photos), Kent, Mommy, Daddy, Missy and me in front

Team Mommy and Me!  The first of many finishes

The Funnies of Today

I needed this yesterday.

here is another cute one! 

this is a really cute sign! 

Ok, I’m back again. This is so much fun, you know, blogging and all! I go to sleep thinking about blogging, wake up thinking about what to put on my blog, and blog thinking about what I am writing.


Maybe I am a little obsessed, but that is how everyone feels when they try something new…right?


Anyway, a couple of days ago, I started trying out for the golf team at my school. I had to buy the golf clubs by myself, because my mom said that I am trying to many sports. And I quote “ It’s fine though, you just have to buy them yourself so that you say to yourself that you need to go play”.  I just hope I make the team.


If you are wondering (cause I would be) what sports I play here tbey are… 

  1. Cross Country (beginning of the school year)
  2. Swim Team (all year)
  3. I Tried Softball (it didn’t work out)
  4. Tennis Team (now)
  5. Golf (end of the year)



So I guess it doesn’t seem like to many things, but it does when you are playing 2 sports at a time!!


Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hi there, I'm 13 and do lots of triathlons.  I go to a school ON the beach.  Yep, I live on the beach, play on the beach and goto school on the beach.  How lucky am I?!  

About my triathlons: I did a relay at New Orleans 70.3.  I swam, my mom biked and ran.  I was the 5th girl out of the water in my division.  My mom's slow, so we came in 19th overall for the women's relay.  Not too bad for our first time though.  

Yesterday, I ran a 5K and got my fastest time of 28 minutes.  Not sure if I placed, but I was very happy!  I'm not the best runner, but my parents tell me if I run more I'll get faster.  Maybe ;-))

Gotta go walk the dogs, Bye!