Monday, April 13, 2009

Ok, I’m back again. This is so much fun, you know, blogging and all! I go to sleep thinking about blogging, wake up thinking about what to put on my blog, and blog thinking about what I am writing.


Maybe I am a little obsessed, but that is how everyone feels when they try something new…right?


Anyway, a couple of days ago, I started trying out for the golf team at my school. I had to buy the golf clubs by myself, because my mom said that I am trying to many sports. And I quote “ It’s fine though, you just have to buy them yourself so that you say to yourself that you need to go play”.  I just hope I make the team.


If you are wondering (cause I would be) what sports I play here tbey are… 

  1. Cross Country (beginning of the school year)
  2. Swim Team (all year)
  3. I Tried Softball (it didn’t work out)
  4. Tennis Team (now)
  5. Golf (end of the year)



So I guess it doesn’t seem like to many things, but it does when you are playing 2 sports at a time!!


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