Saturday, April 25, 2009

Back from Break

I have now officially gotten back into the groove of school… and swimming!  But as you can tell from my pictures... I’m still thinking about spring break from last week.

Me on a YOLO - fun!!

littlebro on a YOLO! I'm way better than him.

 me and littlebro in the air.  yes, this is really us!

At least this week at school was full of fun school excitement. I got a bad grade on my test, I had a golf practice, a tennis practice, swim practice, and this weekend a swim meet!

Well, about the bad grade…I am in 8th grade math, and I am in 7th grade. Anyway, I was out of town for the 70.3 NOLA Half Iron Man, and in math it is hard when you get behind in math, and of course I did! So I am not going to tell you what I got on my test, but I will tell you that we had to make a poster or a PowerPoint , and I chose a poster, and my little project was on forest fires in the Amazon Rainforest (this was in math for Earth Day), and I made a 100 on it… WOO HOOO!!

 On to golf practice!

 Everyone knows that when you play golf you have to be quiet right!? Well, I won’t mention names, but there are a few people who are on the golf team who like to talk…loudly! Even though I like to talk I don’t get in trouble during golf! So one of the girls was there early, and she was doing her homework outside, and she sat down, and being In Florida there are lots of frogs, sat on a frog! She screamed soooooooo loud, and on the golf course too!!!!

 Ok about tennis, I am #1 girl on the team, and we have two coaches. So for the last practice the coaches picked teams, and we had a little competition. I had to play against the best guy on the team, let me tell you, that kid is so so so good it is scary! Well we played a pro match. Meaning you go to 8 games instead of 6! I was very proud of my self, because I only lost 6-8!

 And the swim meet! I am in the middle of it so I will post more tomorrow. 

 Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Swimming, Golf, Tennis, Ironman 70.3 NO, Grade 8 math, When do you sleep?

  2. Thanks to my math teacher...NEVER!

    JK! Thanks for posting a comment!!

  3. Hey Chloe, This is Suzy...Hannah's Mom! I think it is so cool how active you are and how lucky that you get to participate in so many sports! (My parents made me pick one sport when I got to 9th grade -- that is why I was a 'swimmer'!)
    Post an update on your swim meet when it is over, I can't wait to hear how that is going for you. You must still enjoy it to swim the portion of the half iron-man for your mom and me team! Do you have swim practice every day?
    Sounds like you really enjoy living at the beach and are staying super busy.
    Hey, I was in NYC one summer when they raced a triathlon. The run was through Central Park, it was very cool. Where is the swim?

  4. Hi! I just found your blog and wanted to tell you to keep playing tennis! I played tennis, basketball and softball in highschool( actually I played tennis in junior high as well for the Varsity) and then i played in college as well. I do triathlon now and I am really loving it but i would not trade my team sport days for anything! So keep on multi tasking, you will know what sticks!