Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hi there, I'm 13 and do lots of triathlons.  I go to a school ON the beach.  Yep, I live on the beach, play on the beach and goto school on the beach.  How lucky am I?!  

About my triathlons: I did a relay at New Orleans 70.3.  I swam, my mom biked and ran.  I was the 5th girl out of the water in my division.  My mom's slow, so we came in 19th overall for the women's relay.  Not too bad for our first time though.  

Yesterday, I ran a 5K and got my fastest time of 28 minutes.  Not sure if I placed, but I was very happy!  I'm not the best runner, but my parents tell me if I run more I'll get faster.  Maybe ;-))

Gotta go walk the dogs, Bye!

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