Friday, April 17, 2009


Yesterday was AWESOME!! We finally went parasailing!! We got to the same tiki hut as we did 2  days ago, and this time we waited to leave AFTER we parasailed!


So we got there, and we stood by a tiki hut for about 2 minutes. Then this guy came up, and he was really really tan, and when I say really really tan I mean, REALLY REALLY tan!! We paid for our deluxe package (meaning three dips into the ocean), and then we walked over to this thing called a banana boat! We got our life jackets, and then got onto the boat! Reis ( my brother) sat facing the ocean, and I sat I was riding a bull… I think the banana boat ride was scarier than the actual parasailing!


Ok so the banana boat took us out like 500 yards, and then we hopped on a little boat (a real one) and these two (rude) men gave us harasses, and Reis and I put them on. Then one of the men said come over here so we did as we were told, and then he said sit down, so we did, and then PHOOOSH we were up in the air, and the only instructions he gave us were to not touch the silver thing!


Ok, if you ever get the chance to parasail… DO IT!! I thought it would be scary, but it was actually very peaceful! The only scary part was when we were getting dipped, because we were afraid of the cold!! Reis tried to spit on the jet-skiers underneath us! Of course a boy would do that… but I am guilty of tring it… once only though!


Ok I have to go volunteer now!


My question that no-one in my family knows… if you know let me know!



Q- Why is the letter “W” called double-u if if looks more like VV than UU?!

A- Unknown!!!


  1. I am so jealous. Its -4 deg C here to day which is about 30 F. Not good parasailing weather.

    I print UU. Not sure why it's VV

  2. HA... I couldn't imagine weather here below freezing at this time of the year! I think it is 80 degrees here ( with a breeze)! Thanks for leaving a comment!

  3. just thought about it: "W" is "double V" in French. Maybe we English speakers just aren't as smart?