Sunday, April 19, 2009

This weekend I had a little shock. As you al know I have recently taken up golf! It is awesome, and I have been to the closest course 3 times during this spring break.
So, the story:  when I am in our car, I usually look out the window! Well, we were driving down the road to play golf, and on hole 3 there is a lake, and I thought it was man made. Well. ( I didn’t see tiger or the shark… but pretty close!) I saw a huge alligator. So I said, “Mama I think there is an alligator!” but the course was about to close so we had to go straight to the driving range.  She didn't believe me, anyway.  So on the way back I was looking out my window again, and saw it again! So I told my mom to pull over, so she did, and it WAS an alligator. We turned the car around, and went back to the driving range. So my little brother and I went inside, and told the pros about the gator. We asked them if they knew about it (they did). All they asked was if it was on the green (it wasn’t), so they went back to watching the masters! Only in Florida would it not matter if there was an alligator on the golf course! If that happened in New York, there would be a huge commotion over it, the radio, the news, magazines, and so much more!

Well I went to play golf with a friend yesterday, and we were a’ driving, and I was looking out my window again, and then I saw TWO of the yep, you read that right TWO!! They were huge! One of them was at least 10 feet long! It was pretty awesome -- but only because they were on the OTHER side of the lake ;-))
Ok now for triathlon updates… yesterday I went to morning swim practice, and it was awesome! Then after swim practice we changed the lane lines to short course, so the water polo people could play, and, no, they didn’t help! It makes me so mad that we have to change the lane lines for the water polo-ers, and they don’t even help! Ok enough ranting and raving! So after that littlebro and I went for a little bike ride around the place that we swim.  There is a little loop so I went around that 3 times (it sounds far, but it is only like 1.45 miles J). Then after that "big" Chloe and I ran about 1.5 miles! Kind of like a mini triathlon…set up perfectly for me! 5,000 yard swim, 1.45-mile bike, and a 1.5 mile run…ahhh perfect!

Today, I ran 30 minutes, with a lot of stops with Mama and littlebro.  Not as much fun!  Thank goodness it's back to school tomorrow.  Sitting all day long.  Joy


  1. How dare you disturb "THE MASTERS" after all, the gator wasn't even on the green. Sheesh.

    Seriously, that's too funny. We sometimes see Polar Bears, but no Aligators.

    Keep up the training

  2. My question is - are you playing your dad yet? I'm thinking you can probably beat him ... Keep it up! Love your blog (your dad told us to read it on Facebook...)

    Amy Vinson

  3. chloe i enjoyed as did papa!!!
    you are quite something with all your activities keep up the good work!!
    we miss and love you,

  4. Chloe that's so great to see you writting, and I have to tell you, GREAT STORY! I will be more often here to see what you are doing and I will see you this weekend. We are coming for Dawid's race in MExico Beach, :) he is scare to ...., you'll see.