Saturday, October 30, 2010

Stuff My Coach Says

My parents try to convince me that the only reason that my coach is yelling at me is because she cares about my stoke or kick. While I believe this is somewhat true, I also have to disagree. When Coach is yelling at me I always think in the back of my head, “I’d like to see YOUR stroke”. I know this might seem a little bit cocky, but this is what she said to me the other day while swimming a 1000 breaststroke kick…

“CHLOE!! Do you see everyone else’s faces? They are bright red! Yours isn’t! This is called sprint kick, not lala kick”.

When I told my dad what she said, he just laughed and said that he was glad that he was not longer the one that had to yell at me. I just laughed.

While doing the 1000 kick, I got the worst chafes under my arms, and I told my coach, and she just told me that it was because I was “resting” on my board. I just smiled at her and said ok.

Seems like this blog is turning into Stuff My Coach Says.

Thanks for reading!!

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