Saturday, February 12, 2011

No More Club Swimming

I have officially stopped swimming with my club team. I just couldn't handle all the stress of high school, and swimming combined! I know it sounds lame, but it is so true. But I haven't given swimming up completely. I am still swimming for my high school's team. Well, kind of. The season is about to end, as of today. But, yesterday was the prelims of the regionals meet, and today I have finals. I made it to finals in all the events that I swam in prelims, including the 500 freestyle, the 200 freestyle, and the 4 by 100 freestyle relay.

My time in the 200 freestyle was a 2:19 which isn't a best time, so today in finals I am hoping to drop a second or two. Then in the 500 I went a 6:12 and my 50 splits were 32 seconds, 34 seconds, 36 seconds, and then I held a 38 for the rest of my swim. Today I want to get under a 6:10, which means that I have to be more consistent throughout the whole race.

Because I quit swimming, I want to try crew. I have tried one practice on the machine, and the coach told me that I was a natural. I hope he doesn't change his mind later in the season ;)!

Have a great Valentines weekend!!
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  1. Crew is a great sport. Believe it or not from 1969 until 1973 I was stroke on JV and Varsity at our high school.
    Great conditioning.
    Good luck with it and school

  2. Your doing good! I wish we had swimming at my school. Good Luck on Crew