Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Girls Rule... well, almost

I’m back for my race report! The annual Buster Britton Tri in B'ham is our chance for a family challenge.

This weekend my family (boys vs girls) raced, and the girls were so so so SO sure that we were going to win by a ton!! We didn’t win and to make it more infuriating, we lost by only 38 seconds. I’m thinking of all the things that take only 38 seconds (typing a sentence, blowing a bubble, tying a shoe, LOSING – uggghhhh! Man were we mad, but we all got over it pretty quickly because there’s always next year!

At the beginning of the race we were super pumped because it was really pretty outside, and there were blue skies. Then about 1 hour later these mean clouds started rolling in, but we thought it was nothing, and then we saw it… a strike of lightning. And we all know what that means: a delay. Then it started clearing up a little, so my brother and I raced, and I beat him by 45 seconds!!

Then next was the bike and I don’t have much to say about the bike, because my mom and my dad did the bike portion, but they both did awesome! My mom was nervous (it was POURING) and her computer didn’t work. She tried to fix it, but it was raining so hard and she was heading down a windy, wet, hilly road. So she gave up and just pedaled!

Now on to the run…

On my team we had Aly, and she is an AMAZING runner. She’s in school at Birmingham Southern and runs track, the 400 is her favorite, and pole-vaults. She completed the 5k in 20 minutes, and the boys had an amazing time of 23 minutes run by my mom’s brother, Jon. He’s older than her and lots faster ;-))
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I’ve been running this week, even though we are on vacation with my mom’s family. It’s real hilly here, but I ran 3 miles on a track 2 days ago. It was so boring, but I ran fast on the long sides and slowed down around the curves to make it more interesting (and get faster, hopefully). Today, I ran +/-2 miles with my mom. It was nice and cool, so it wasn’t bad, although the hills were endless! Can’t wait for the flat beach again.

And today is the most fun day yet – my Aunt Marie (AuntMariesCookies.blogspot.com) is teaching some of my grandmother’s recipes and some of hers.  She’s an amazing cook and I love to bake!  Especially with all 4 girl cousins -  FUN!
 Here are the real official results…
    1    60 Reis’ Team       
  Jeff Gordon      Reis Gordon      Jon Goldfarb        
 Swim 5:14 transition 1:27   bike 40:51 transition 0:46    run 23:24 over all 1:11:40 
  2    59 Chocoholics          
Chloe Gordon     Kim Gordon       Aly Goldfarb       
Swim 4:39   transition 1:42    bike 44:07      transition 0:46 
Run 20:50   over all 1:12:02 

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  1. Maybe next year.
    Sounds like a good idea to have the family competition. Problem in our family is it would be Dad and three boys against Mom and one dog.

    My 10 year old is trying his hand at blogging (work in progress) and I'm still trying to get my 13 year old to do it.