Monday, July 13, 2009

Today I...

Today I ran a marathon…

Well, really I ran 6 miles, but it FELT like 26.2!!! For me, 6 miles is pretty darn far! Daddy and I ran from our house all the way until Daddy’s Garmin said 6 miles, but Mama and Reis were nice enough to ride their bikes with us part of the way and bring us cold water. Then we went to breakfast because I was starving. I tried something new since this was far for me: we ran five minutes, then walked one (then repeated it over and over and over). I would pick out spot where I thought we would start to walk, just to keep my mind busy, and that definitely helped a lot!

So, why did I run so far (for me?) Because, in 2 weeks my Dad and I are traveling to New York, New York for the NYC Tri. It is an Olympic distance, and this will be the longest triathlon I will have ever done, and I am so excited! My mom is very, very worried, but I’m just excited. She and my brother will be at his swim meet in Nashville, so she’s worried because she knows I’ll be out there alone. I’ll be fine, I know I will!!

Saturday I did a one-mile swim. It was at Deer Point Lake in Panama City Beach, and my swim coach, brother, dad, friend from the swim team, and lots of my mom and dad’s training buddies did the swim. My time was 29 minutes, my brother was 31, and my Dad’s was 38. My friend from the swim team (Carlee) came in first over all! She did awesome! Mrs. Karen and Mr. Jim (Mom’s training buddies) also did awesome, and Coach Sarah, of course, did really well! My mom had no interest in swimming with us. I don’t understand. Why wouldn’t she want to swim in a dark, murky lake that is rumored to have lots of alligators?

I usually don’t care about the time or numbers (just finishing and knowing I did my best is good enough for me), but I just did the math, and my one-mile swim was exactly the same pace as my three-mile swim! I did a 29 (like I said before) for the mile, and a 1:45 for my three-mile which is EXACTLY the same. How weird is that!? So my mom thinks that I should have gone faster, but I totally felt like I was sprinting!

Let me know if you are doing the NYC Tri and how your training is going!!

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  1. Just don't beat Dad by too much in NYC.

  2. wow girl! good for you doing nyc! I can't wait to read all about it. I bet you will do amazing. you are very talented for your age and a great writer! 6 miles is like a marathon at your age, thats a long run! nice work!!!

  3. I'm so glad you contacted me. I look forward to meeting you when you come to NYC. I think it is so great you are doing this race! Your swim time is amazing, it sure beats mine. Is Reis (is it pronounced like Reese?) your brother? My son has the same name, but spelled Rhys. He is 3, so he wont be Good Luck!!

  4. You are going to rock it in NYC - I just know it! I actually like the murky water where I can't see anything. I don't WANT to know what's around me. Kick some bootie chica.

  5. Good luck tomorrow in your race! Can't wait to read the report!!!

  6. Good luck Chloe!! I know you will do great!! hopefully I will get to see you and hear all about it soon!