Sunday, November 8, 2009

Florida IronMan

This weekend was the Florida IronMan,

My swim team volunteered,. Our job was to clean up the beach after the start and finish. It was AWSOME! As we were on our way to the race my mom was like, Chloe, do you have the camera, and I was like no I thought that you grabbed it, so no pictures from the morning, and then we went home after we volunteered, and on the way my mom asked me if I got the camera, and of course I forgot again!

Most of you know that there is a cut off for the swim. I think it is about 2 and a half hours. Enough time for some of us, but I sadly saw three people who didn’t finish. I felt so so so bad for those people. Doing all that work, and not even being allowed to finish the first legmajor bummer!

The bike was pretty cool. My mom, my brother, and I pulled the car over to a waffle house, and parked the car in a lot behind it, and opened the trunk and cheered on the pros!! It was soooo cool, and a couple of them smiled at us! Pretty darn cool to see the pros so close to you! One of our friends was a draft official, and she said that there were a lot of crashes on the bike L ! I hope that everyone is ok!

We went back to the race for the run, and my brother and I were going to dress up and cheer people on, but being Cat and the Hat and a bumble bee just didn’t make much since so we didn’t dress up. But oh well! We were cheering people on and dancing to the music that was playing! So fun!

Today was the kids IronMan, but it is so short that it should be called the Kids Tin Foil Man, because it is a very wimpy race. It was a 200 swim, a 6 mile bike, and a 1 mile run.

The swim was fun! I started out going 3rd (it was one person at a time into the pool) into the water, and came out 2nd. The girl that went first was this amazingly fast swimmer, and she is ranked in the country with her 5:47 mile run time!! I could have caught her on the bike, buttttt, I got a flat tire!! We had to do the bike loop 3 times, and I thought that I heard air coming out of the tire, but there was no way I was going to stop in such a short race! So I didn’t know that I had a flat until I felt my tire at the finsh, and I was so mad because I totally could have caught Cece (the amazingly fast girl!), but you can only do what your equipment lets you do : ) . the run was ok, I am not sure of any of my splits, but I think I did okay on my run! It felt good, but I had a BAD cramp in my side, but I ran through it!

Over all I got like 7 out of all the 13-14 girls and boys! Pretty good huh?! For the girls I got second, and I was not happy about getting second, but I was happyI really wanted first, but that stupid bike J !!

If any of you raced in the IronMan I would love to know how you did, or any funny or good stories that you have!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. nice little blog. keep up the hard work and you will get first one day.

  2. I raced at IMFL 4 years ago and it was my first iron-distance finish. I was a Cinderella finisher, finishing ~4 minutes before the cutoff. My hubby & I hope to come down again and both race. I hope you & your friends will be ready to cheer! It makes such a difference!
    :-) Sara

  3. First, let me say thanks for volunteering. I didn't race IMFL this year, but I did in 2006, and without the army of volunteers, there would be no race.

    Second, keep it real girly. You are a triathlon teenage superstar, and just because you found the ironkids easy, doesn't mean everyone else did. I predict you will be racing full distance in a couple of years. And probably at the front of the pack.

    Third, How the heck did you get 43 followers? I have 28, and they are dropping like flies?

    Anyhoo, keep up the good work. I still have that burnt greasy taste in the back of my throat from Wafflehouse. BLACK!

  4. Sorry I missed you at the race. If you were around the run course at 2:45 or so, I was the one wearing the camelback with 2.4 and 112 crossed out and the 26.2 not crossed out.

    I worked body marking until 5:45am before racing and I really appreciate all the voluneers. Thanks

    Keep up the hard work in school and racing!!

  5. Thanks for volunteering and cheering at IMFL! I did the race this year and everyone was great! I'm working on posting my race report on my blog (it is long). It sounds like you are already becoming an accomplished triathlete - kudos to you for already having that drive, dedication, and determination - I wish I had those skills when I was 13!