Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

Hey everybody!

I know it has been forever since Thanksgiving, but this is the first time I have sat down to write a blog post.

Over thanksgiving break, I went up to my grandparents house. We had the best time!! The first day we didn’t do much besides eat dinner, and play with my 2 cousins that are my age. ( I have 7 cousins in all).

The next day we went to the hospital that my grandfather works at to get a blood test for my brother Reis. Let me tell you that he is NOT good with shots. The whole week before we went up there he was making himself crazy thinking about getting a shot. He needed to take a shot because he has been coughing every night, and it is a super super bad cough. We think that he might be allergic to peanut butter, but have no idea. He got the shot after many breakdowns, but he did get the shot. Later that day I went shopping with my two cousins around my age. Who knew that two days before Black Friday the mall would be so crowded. We were hoping that everyone would wait until Friday to go shopping, but I guess everyone was thinking the same thing. It took us half an hour just to get into the parking lot, but once we got in it wasn’t crowded any more.

Thanksgiving day. The morning of Thanksgiving there was a 10k and one mile fun run near my grandparents house. I did the one mile fun run, because I wanted to see if I could get under an 8 minute mile. My mom, dad, aunts, and uncles ran the 10k, and almost all of my cousins did the one mile fun run. Like I said, my goal was to do under 8 minute miles, and my brothers goal was to run faster than me. What a brother! The morning of the race was FREEZING, but I still met my goal by 40 seconds with a time of 7:20!!! That was my best mile time that I have ever done, and I was so happy J . my brother got his goal with a 7:09, and my cousins got… Jake who is 10 years old came in third over all for the turkey run, he ran a 6 something!! Illan got a 7:06 I think, and Kylie who is 7 got a 9:45!! I was so happy for all of my cousins!! Thanksgiving dinner was awesome, and we had the best food, and the best time!

The rest of the week was a blast,, and can’t wait until next year!!

If anyone remembers me talking about the robotics competition in past posts, I just want to say that we made it to regionals, and are going up to Auburn next Friday!! If we come in top 4 then we get to go to Texas!! I really hope we can do it!!

Only 19 more days until my birthday!!! J J J

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  1. Congrats on the 1 mile! That is a great time! Oh man..I can't believe it's almost your birthday! This time last year your mom was totally stressing out :)

  2. I just found your blog!! I love it :) My daughters name is Chloe! Happy Holidays