Sunday, May 17, 2009

3 Mile Bridge Swim

Hi guys! I survived the 3-mile bridge swim. It was in Pensacola, and it was awesome! I woke up at 3 in the morning, which was WAY WAY too early, but I suffered through it. My dad drove me there, and we had to take a pit stop to… Whataburger. My dad got an unsweet tea and some fries, but I held my self back so I wouldn’t puke in the water.


When we got to Pensacola we found the bridge ok, but since there are 2 sides of the bridge we didn’t know what side the start was on so we went to the nearest side, and no one was there except this guy sleeping in his car (I was really jealous!!). We decided that it was the wrong side so we crossed the road to the other side of the near side of the bridge (if that makes any sense at all). We saw other people in bathing suits, and we asked them which side of the bridge that start was, and they said the other side. So we got back into the car and drove to the other side of the bridge. Then we got the kayak off the top of the car. After we did that we went to the check in thing, and we got my packet and shirt. Then we went to body marking and the guy said right thigh, and because it was 4:30 in the morning I turned around and gave him my left ankleJ. Embarrassing huh!?!


So on to the race. I got into the line with some of my swim team friends, and we were at the end of it, and then we saw Coach Karen at the front of the line so we went to “talk” to her. As they were checking our numbers we were told by a lifeguard that there were rocks and to be careful, and me being the klutz of the group got cut on the bottom of my foot. It doesn’t look bad, but boy does it feel awful! Anyway, we got into the water and we were floating around then out of the blue I here “take your mark… BEEEP”. So we are off. I felt good at the beginning and then at about the mile mark I just got bored! I turned around to see if there was a green and yellow kayak (my dad was in that one) and there was! So I started talking to my dad a little bit, but he just wanted me to swim, so finally I found someone to pace myself off of. I made to 2.8 and couldn’t see the finish, and I was mad! I kept asking my dad where the finish line was, and I don’t think he knew because all he said was follow the person in front of you. And that was that. I finally saw the finish, and I swam fast and kicked hard, and my time was….1 hour and 45 minutes for a 3 mile swim! WOOT WOOT! I think that is pretty good, but I have never done that swim before, so we shall see what I do next year!


Well I am going to go yolo boarding in a lake today, and then after that I am going to go shopping with a friend, which will be very fun, and I can’t wait, but the master of the house (mommy) said that I have to clean my room…YUCK! Ok, so that’s it for now… oh wait here are some pictures! 

thanks for reading


  1. Good job. I am going to have my 13 year old and 16 year sons start reading your blog so they can get inspired.

    We have our neighborhood mini tri Memorial day (200 yard swim, 3 mile bike, 1 mile run). We are talking real mini. My oldest son out sprinted me last year. I seek revenge this year.


  2. Great blog and great comments from you my Chloe!!!
    Keep up the inspiring work and we look forward to seeing you next month.
    I know Elli and Gabi are excited about your visit and so are Mimi and Papa
    Love you,

  3. Congrats on the great swim!! That is awesome!! And I heard you guys had a great time on the Yolo! Hope you're ready for the race on Thursday!

  4. Wow! Congrats on such an accomplishment!

  5. Congrats! There is no way I could swim that far.

  6. Holy cow! I am amazed at your accomplishment!