Sunday, May 10, 2009

3 People, 3 Races, 2 Days

 These are some of the people on my swim team that did the race.

My friend Kristin and Me
Me on the podium! I won first place (woot woot)
Reis (my brother) on the podium...he won second.

3 people, 3 races, 2 days!

First of all, as most of you know The Gulf Coast Triathlon in Panama City was this weekend. My Dad did the WHOLE thing by himself! He did awesome on the swim! He beat his New Orleans swim time, and his bike time! On his run he didn’t do as well, but it was like 90 degrees outside! We were even hot just watching, but had fun volunteering at the swim and in transition.  Daddy had a tough run because his legs started to cramp, and he just… fell over when he tried to take a rock out of his shoe!  (He never got the rock out.) When he was finishing his face was really really white, so my mom was kinda worried, and he got an IV, and was a hundred times better.  

A bunch of friends also did the race and they all did awesome.  Congrats to you all!!

Also this weekend my brother and I did a race! I did a 200 yard swim a 6 mile bike, and a 1-mile run. My brother did half that distance. Think I did pretty well on the swim, I felt awesome on the bike, and I definitely need to work on my run, but I still did awesome! I know you are wondering what place I got…. I got FIRST in the 13-14 girls! My friend Kristin came in third over all for the 13-14 girls, and it was only her first one. I am super proud of her. My brother came in 2nd in the 9-10 boys division.

Besides the main things that happened this weekend, there were also some other exciting things!

First, when we were waiting for my dad to finish the swim, we were cheering everybody on. We met this man standing next to us, Mr. Priest, and we started chatting. He was saying that he was waiting for his wife, and she has one AMAZING story!!! First of all she used to be 321 pounds…321!! Now, she is only 150 something. My mom asked Mr. Priest how she got so heavy, and then how she got so skinny. He said that she just sat on the couch and ate chips and cookies and too much food, and that he’s a really good cook. Then he said that one day she just decided to start biking, so he bought her a Wal-mart bike… and now she’s a healthy weight and averages 23 miles per hour on a new bike!!!! That story is just so inspirational to me!! Then as I was leaving the race, I saw some of my friends and I was cheering them on, and Mr. Priest came up to me and said that his wife had beaten 6 of the pros!!!!!!! I am so so so impressed!! If you are interested her name is Deborah Priest from Atlanta, Georgia, and this summer she is doing a bike across the country in 10 days.  I think biking across the country sounds awesome, but I think I would like to take my time.  Mr. Priest also had a bunch of fun triathlon quotes, but the one I like the best was “when a person puts on a wet suit they turn into superman”. I really liked that one. He also said that everyone has a story why they are doing triathlons, from losing weight, to to trying to become pro.

OK so that’s it for now. I have to go study for math, and/or watch TV! Happy Mothers Day!! 


  1. Awesome. You will be racing KONA before you know it.

    That's an awesome story about Deborah Priest. I will be heading to google right after this.

  2. Hey Chloe -

    Thanks for the terrific entry! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your Dad... tell him I'm proud of him.

    Keep up the good work,

    Adam in Atlanta

  3. Hey Chloe,
    If you dont mind I will start following along. You and your blog can inspire my 11, 13, and 16 year boys that could be good triathletes if they had your dedication.

  4. Hey Chloe - congrats on the AMAZING race yesterday! I am sooo proud of you! Get excited for IronGirl! It's right around the corner!!


  5. Congrats to you and your brother!

  6. Congrats on your awesome race - all your hard work is paying off :) Thanks for sharing the inspiring story of Deborah Priest, I enjoyed reading about her and her husband!
    Hope your Dad is feeling okay today....

  7. Thanks for all the encouragement. I love reading comments!!!!!

  8. Thanks for such an awesome write up Chloe! My husband is my biggest fan and best supporter.

    I do hope to inspire others that you CAN CHANGE your life...totally and completely....I didn't do any of this until I was 40!

    This summer I am crewing for the Ga Chain Gang in the Race Across America

    You can read more about the team and about me (under the "crew" section) at the website below

    Debra Priest

  9. Thanks so much for leaving a comment Mrs. Priest!!