Saturday, May 23, 2009

Me and My Week

Hey everyone! I have had exams ( the year end stuff) all week! And you know what that means… NO COMPUTER. All I heard was study this study that, I hope all that had work pays off!



So lets see…




Well, today is definitely the most boring day of the week! It is rainy and gross, and no going outside. I had my last school dance last night, and I was really tired this morning. I was crossing my fingers that I wouldn’t have swim practice today, and I guess I crossed them a little too much (heehee). I think we will be stuck inside all day!!!!!


On Thursday I had a Yolo Board race! It was so so, so much fun. I got a little drunk!! on vitamin water of course!!!  My mom said that I was asking CRAZY, and I was talking non-stop!   She may be right since I had 2 of the big bottles, and 1 cute little baby bottle! I love vitamin water so much! I think the orange-orange one and the strawberry kiwi ones are the best! If you haven’t tried them before, GO FOR IT!!


Back to the race, when we got there it looked liked it was about to rain, but it held off until I started my leg in the relay J. So I warmed up, and I  was doing fine, but had a little bit of trouble turning.   I was there because Big Chloe is out of town.  Miss you, but thanks!!!  Our relay team consisted of Lisa Purell, an amazing adventure racer, triathlete, runner, and person!  Kelly, who I have heard is an amazing trainer (mommy wants me to learn how to run better with her).  And last but not least Tracy, who is an awesome Yolo boarder, and has the 2 cutest kids ever!!  While Mrs. Lisa was coming in from her amazing part in the race, the youngest girl who is five said “go Lisa, the games are over, it is time to race”. I thought that was really funny coming from a five year old!  So after Mrs. Lisa came back, Mrs. Kelly was off, she was really, really fast!  Up next – me.  I helped catch us up to fourth place WOOT WOOT! At the turn, I did a sharp turn, and that is where I caught up. Then it started raining, and that was cool!  Mrs. Tracy went after me, and we got FITH over all! Pretty darn good huh!  I also want to congratulate my friend Alex for doing awesome in the race!  Ok that’s all for now!


I have to work on my History project (it is on Guam, and if you know anything about it please help! J ) and study for math!!


Have a good weekend.


  1. You study hard young lady.

    JK Soon you'll have the whole summer to goof around.

  2. The Yolo board race looks so fun! Nice job and study hard too!

  3. Love the pics, thanks for including me at the very end. You did great a great job yoloing (that's a weird looking word); congrats! (we will beat you next time!)