Monday, August 17, 2009

To Clip or Not to Clip*

Before New York I told my mom that after I did the race I wanted to try clip ins. I haven’t gotten them yet, but I would really like to try them out, but…

This morning my mom and dad went for a bike ride, and I think my mom changed her mind about letting me try them! She came back into the house this morning, and said “do you want to see why you can’t have clips?” I am just like my mom, and she is, well…very klutzy! So, should I wait for clips?

Anyway, I haven’t been running at all since the big triathlon. I know that it is awful especially since school starts in a week, and cross country season is right after school starts! At least we only have to run 2 miles in the meets, it sure beats 6 miles!

A couple of months ago I found an AWESOME blog! If any one needs some cheering up, or would just like to see some very creative things, this is definitely the blog for you! It is called Color Me Katie. Check it out if you have time! It isn’t really for triathlons or anything, but it ALWAYS puts a smile on my face.

Two days ago I was looking through Color Me Katie’s comments on her blog and she had a link to another cool site, Erin’s blog, and she she had a contest I entered. Guess what? I WON! I'm so excited!! How wonderful to get an e-mail saying that you won some cool things! Especially on a rainy Monday. Thanks Erin!!!!

Have a great last week of summer!

Here is a cute video, hope you enjoy!

JK Wedding Reception

Signature 2


  1. You should get clips, biking will be soooooooo much easier and you will have much more power with clips. Also your legs will be fresher for the run.

  2. Just be real careful if you are not on protected trails (no roads). Clips can be a bit hazardous, but you seem like a natural, so I would tell Mom you will be responsible.

    I got a big kick out of your YouTube. Good stuff.