Saturday, August 29, 2009

Have You Hurt Yourself Without Knowing?

Have you hurt yourself so badly, but you don’t even know how?

Unfortunately I have.

A couple of days ago I was out waking my dogs, and I was running, trying to make them tired. Then I just stopped, and I rolled my ankle. I didn’t hurt myself at all. Just a little pain right after I did it.

Now I have always been a sleepwalker. I have done some crazy things, like one time I dreamt that my mom and dad got into a fight, and my dad came upstairs and told me to go sleep on the couch because he wanted my bed. I woke up on the couch the next morning! Another time I was on a school trip, and I got out of my bed and went into the bathroom to turn on the water, I have no idea why, but that is what my chaperone told me! When I sleepwalk I don’t remember doing it, but I just wake up in strange places. So anyway the other night I woke up on my floor my door, and I remember being in a ball think that my ankle was KILLING me. So I got up and walked to bed, witch killed my ankle! In the morning it was my turn to walk the dogs, and I could barley walk down the stairs, I came back from my walk absolutely crying my eyes out.

I sort of remember telling someone in my dream about walking the dogs and tripping, so what I think happened was that in my dream I was showing someone how I had hurt my ankle when I was walking the dogs, but this time I really hurt myself! Three days later my ankle is still throbbing. It’s to bad, because cross country season starts on Monday it looks like I will be sitting out the first practice!!

On a lighter note…

Not really though.

Yesterday when my dad and I were picking up my brother from school we were told that we couldn’t drive down the street because there was a Texas burglar with a gun, and the school was in lockdown. So we waited, and then they told us that they were loading the kids on busses escorted by armed police men to the high school ( about 5 or 6 miles away). We finally got my brother and headed home!

The bad thing is that they still haven’t caught the guy yet. I have the doors locked, and we aren’t allowed to go outside.

Has anyone hurt themselves while sleep walking!?

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  1. My sisters and I all sleepwalk, sleeptalk & snore! Growing up was interesting!! We tried sleeping in odd places, taking showers in the middle of the night & trying to use the bathroom NOT in the bathroom... But, no injuries. I hope your ankle feels better soon!

  2. hahaha I'm sorry to laugh at your misfortune but the way you write is really funny! No sleep walking here but I get up every single night like clockwork at 2 am to eat a half a box of corn flakes. I am completely aware of this and still can't control it. Sorry about the ankle and the texas guy with a gun.

  3. I sleep talk and have been told I say really weird things

  4. When we were younger my sister and I called each other's names one night :)
    I hope your ankle gets well soon!
    Take care!

  5. Chloe, sorry about your ankle. Hope you weren't in flip-flops!

    When did you start sleep walking? That makes me nervous for you. Hope you grow out of it. One of my brothers use to sleep walk - we followed him outside one night, out to the garage and back to his bed. He never believed us.

  6. Chloe,

    Sorry to hear you're going to miss your first practice. Does your ankle feel any better? Does this mean R gets dog-duty all to himself?

    As for the Secret Life of Sleep, I've always been a sleep-laugher, and thankfully never hurt myself.

    Keep up the FANTASTIC writing!

    Miss Sheri