Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last Day of Summer :(

Today was the Sandestin triathlon, and I did a relay with my mom! My dad was supposed to do it, but his back went out this morning at 4:30, so he couldn’t race, isn’t that a total bummer!? But, my mom and i had an awesome time, I did the swim and she did the bike and run.


The swim was pretty tough, because there was a strong current pulling you sometimes I the right direction, and sometimes the wrong (depending which way you turned). The cool thing was that I could see the bottom of the ocean the whole entire time! Sometimes it freaks me out, and I just close my eyes when I am under water, but sometimes I like it, weird huh!?  I think I came out 3rd in the Relay/Clydesdale/Athena group. My time was 15 minutes flat for the half mile swim, it could have been better had I gone to swim practice more during the month of August. I think the two guys who beat me were collage swimmers. They had on their special fast skins, and I was in my super duper cute Splish suit on! I love Splish, because you can design your own bathing suit, or you can choose from their supper cute pre-made ones!


My mom did awesome on the bike and run, I don’t have much else to say, but she did do really well! She went an average of 20m/p/h/ on the bike, and had a super fast run! Her bike time was 57 minutes for a 20 mile ride, and her 4 mile run was 36 minutes pretty dar n   fast huh?


We came in 2nd overall for the women’s relay division! I was super excited! Too bad in the relay division the awards are only for the first place, but we had to leave early anyway so my dad could get to the chiropractors!


When I was waiting for my mom to come in from the bike I was watching other people come in, and also looking out for people that I knew. While I was waiting there i found a friend of my parents, and I was standing with him, he kept saying how he wanted the bike dismount line to be more narrow so that there would be more crashes, and it would be more interesting! How funny!  So anyway, we were watching and waiting, and this man rode up on his bike, and then everyone heard this huge POP! If you could chose any time to have your tire blow out on the bike it would totally have to be the dismount line. Everyone sure got a kick out of that!


On a sad not, we had a friend that had an Awful AWFUL AWFUL crash, it was so bad that he doesn’t even know what happened. We all thought that he had a concussion, and he went to the hospital (unwillingly) and fortunately all he has is some MAD road rash! Unfortunately he was going to do Ironman Louisville, but we got an e-mail from him this morning, and he said that he was all drugged up so his road rash doesn’t hurt to badly, and he is still going to do Ironman! What a stud he is!


School starts tomorrow and I can’t wait. I am finally the oldest in my school, an 8th grader!  I am just super excited, AND I finally get a top locker. 6th grade was the worst, I HATED the bottom lockers... yuck!


I hope that everyone is having a good weekend, and HAD :(   a good summer! ”

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  1. Great race.
    Too bad about your Dad. We need to be careful at our ages. Things just happen and we can't explain them.
    Good luck with your being "king of the hill" at school. Take it easy on the under classmen.

  2. Congrats on the race, have fun in school. Us old folks get the weirdiest and most unexpected pains. Hope your dad feels better.

  3. Chloe, hope you had a great first day of school! Sounds like you and your mom just keep getting better with each race. Keep it up. Hope your dad is feeling better - make him some biscuits!!!

  4. congrats on all your recent tri's this summer! good luck at school!